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Secure Horizon Settlements

Secure Horizon Settlements was created to meet the unique financial demands of Structured Settlement recipients and Lottery winners wanting to sell their structured settlement, and lottery annuity payments fast.

Our company takes genuine strides to meet the personal needs of our customers while ensuring they are treated both fairly and professionally.  At the same time, our dedicated legal and management team is committed to delivering a high quality service that streamlines the funding process.  Together, Secure Horizon Settlements is the gold standard go-to lump sum company you can depend on.  If you need to sell your structured settlement or lottery payments Secure Horizon Settlements is a company you can trust.

How can Secure Horizon Settlements Help?

If you’re a structured settlement recipient, annuity purchaser looking to free money up, casino jackpot winner or lottery winner, Secure Horizon Settlements can offer you a lump sum of money for your future annuity payments.  Whatever your financial situation is Secure Horizon Settlements will take the time to listen and help you through the process one step at a time.

More on Secure Horizon Settlements

Secure Horizon Settlements LLC, a Maryland based company, is a nationally-recognized financial services company that purchases structured settlement payments, lottery annuities, and casino jackpot wins.  For more information contact us at 1-855-747-3278 or email us at